Executive Staff

Julie Nauman, Executive Officer

Photo of Julie Nauman

Julie Nauman has served as the Executive Officer of the Victim Compensation Board since 2008.

Prior to joining CalVCB, Ms. Nauman held a number of executive level positions in California State Government. Ms. Nauman served as Chief Deputy Director of the Integrated Waste Management Board and Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development, as well as Chief Consultant to the Assembly Local Government Committee. Known for her expertise in public policy and land use planning, she held the position of Principal-In-Charge of a multi-state private consulting firm.

Ms. Nauman received both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration from California State University, Sacramento.

Mindy Fox, Chief Deputy Executive Officer

Photo of Mindy Fox

Mindy Fox joined CalVCB in December 2011 as the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Deputy Executive Officer and became Chief Deputy Executive Officer in July 2016. Ms. Fox has encouraged streamlined claims processing and increased collaboration with victim service providers across the state.  Ms. Fox is leading research efforts to shape legislative, regulatory and policy changes to best serve crime victims.

Prior to joining CalVCB, Ms. Fox served as the Director of the Office of Education and the Environment at the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), and provided executive leadership at the California Integrated Waste Management Board and CalEPA.

Ms. Fox earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento after studying Biological Sciences at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

Christie Munson, Deputy Executive Officer, Victim Compensation

Christie Munson serves as the Deputy Executive Officer of the Victim Compensation Division. Ms. Munson joined the Board in 2001. She has been on the management team since 2005, working in Public Affairs, the County Liaison and Support Section and a number of other areas in the Victim Compensation Division.

Ms. Munson has served crime victims in a multitude of capacities for three decades. Her experience includes work as the Victim Witness Coordinator at the Johnson County Attorney's Office in Iowa, and seven years as the Agency Director of the Rape Victim Advocacy Program, also in Iowa. She provided technical assistance to state sexual assault coalitions through the National Sexual Assault Coalition Resource Sharing Project, served on the board of the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault and is a past president of the Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Iowa.

Valinda Roberts, Deputy Executive Officer, Administration and Finance

Valinda Roberts joined the CalVCB executive team in April 2015 with over twenty years of fiscal and administrative experience, specializing in business process improvements. Ms. Roberts utilizes her leadership and technical experience in carrying out the Board’s mission. As a long-term resident of the Sacramento area, Ms. Roberts earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree with a concentration in Accountancy from California State University, Sacramento. She is also a current and past member of several professional organizations.