Information for State Agencies

Discharge from Accountability

As of July 28, 2009, Section 13943.2 of the Government Code now authorizes state agencies to seek authority from the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board to discharge from accountability debts owed of $500.00 or less. The previous limit was $250.00 or less.

For more information for agencies that wish to apply for this higher approval limit, please read the following September 8, 2009 memorandum, Change in Government Code for Discharge from Accountability from $250.00 or less to $500.00 or less.

Claim Search Fee for State Agencies

Effective December 4, 2007, the Government Claims Program implemented a $30.00 fee for a claim search request for the purpose of obtaining a certified copy of a Government Claim.

Pursuant to Government Code section 11256, a state agency furnishing services and materials to another state agency may charge for the direct and indirect costs associated with the services and materials. The $30.00 claim search charge is consistent with the claim search fee currently charged for other agencies.

Questions regarding this process may be directed to the Government Claims Program Manager at (800) 955-0045.

State Agency Surcharge

When the Board approves an award on a claim filed against a state department or agency, the department is required to pay up to a 15 percent surcharge on that award to support the Government Claims Program.

If a department pays a claim directly, the Board will send the department an invoice that explains the amount of the award as well as the surcharge.