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Get CalVCP's Social Media Widget

A widget is a simple and useful application that can be easily embedded and displayed on a webpage.

CalVCP's widget combines a link to the CalVCP website from our heading logo, our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube real-time updates in a compact, web-friendly gadget for your website.

Instructions: Click on the gray "Get Widget" tab at the bottom of the CalVCP widget. You will be given code to copy and paste into your website. Paste this code into the code at the location of the code that you would like the widget to be displayed. The widget will automatically update and dsiplay the feed from CalVCP's social media and video sites.

Connect With CalVCP's Videos!

Copy the following text and links to your website to add Victim Compensation Program YouTube content. The address for the program's YouTube channel is

Tune in the California Victim Compensation Program's California VCP channel on YouTube for multimedia content featuring the "Helping Victims Every Day" online video.

To embed CalVCP's YouTube video into your website, copy the "Embed This Channel" code from the CalVCP YouTube page and paste it into your web page where you want the video to appear. For further instructions on embedding YouTube videos, visit the YouTube help resources. After you add the video, it should look like this:

If your organization has a YouTube channel, we invite you to subscribe to the California VCP channel.