What's Covered

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There are limits on how much can be paid for each crime related expense. Here are some examples of covered expenses:

All expenses are subject to rates and limitations set by the Victim Compensation Board. For more details, see the Benefit Quick Reference Guide.

Report Fraud (puede llamar al) 1-855-315-6083.

Expenses that cannot be paid by CalVCB

CalVCB is the payer of last resort; reimbursement and recovery sources must be applied to all expenses first. Examples include medical insurance, disability insurance, employer benefits and civil suits.

CalVCB cannot pay for any expense not related to the crime, including expenses for lost, stolen or damaged property.

CalVCB cannot pay any expenses incurred while a person is on parole, probation or post-release community supervision for a violent felony; incarcerated or required to register as a sex offender. This does not affect an application’s eligibility. It instead stops payment for expenses that are incurred during incarceration and felon or registered sex offender status.